The Independent Children’s Homes Association Ltd is committed to the delivery of Exemplary Residential Child Care.

We are a member led organisation, driving excellence in residential childcare through innovation, collaboration & sector leadership

We joined ICHA about 15 years ago, branching out from the rather closed world of therapeutic communities, in order to be better informed about what our competitors, especially in the private sector, were thinking and doing. We have never regretted it, have always found ICHA a rich source of information and mutual support. We have participated in the leadership group, and ICHA remains one of our key partners in understanding and influencing what is happening in the children’s residential care (RCC) sector and in Government. Under Peter Sandiford’s leadership, ICHA has become the essential ‘go-to’ industry body for both RCC Chief Executives and for Government.

Childhood First

May I just say what a great job you are doing. As a member organisation, we really appreciate how ICHA has developed under new leadership, and in particular how it has risen to the challenge of the current pandemic. The information service is excellent, a necessary read for us all in the sector, and the communications with Government agencies have also become substantially more convincing.

Childhood First, 15 Jun 2020

Our Home Manager and Myself as RI recently needed to contact ICHA, regarding a matter regarding Public Health England. At the time as the RI, I was distressed and finding it very difficult to communicate my point of view in regards to Children's Homes following the DFE guidance during Covid. Within 5 minutes of sending an email, Peter rang me back, listened and set up a meeting with DFE so I could talk through my concerns. The next meeting that was Scheduled, Liz attended and gave very clear guidance and support. I can’t praise ICHA enough. Without the intervention support and guidance by ICHA, I would have had a very different outcome for our looked after young people . They are an amazing service and I highly recommend them .

Potton Homes (part of Compass Children's Homes), 12 Mar 2021

Re: ICHA’s conference: ‘Residential Child Care – Starting to Map the Future’: May I say that I very much enjoyed the Conference last week, I have worked in Fostering for 17 years and it was nice to see Harvey and Marie attend the meetings, in terms of a joined up sector this was really helpful. The conference was therefore an excellent introduction into the residential sector and with so many knowledgeable and interesting speakers I feel like I got a lot out of the day, as I am sure did all the other attendees. I wanted to thank you for the day.

An ICHA Member
Welcome to The Independent Children’s Homes Association Ltd (ICHA)

The Independent Children’s Homes Association Ltd is the voice of providers of registered children’s homes in England and Wales..

We are a ‘Not for Profit Limited by Guarantee Association’ representing providers of registered children’s homes.

We have a steadily increasing membership having grown from 183 in 2017 to currently-

  • 285 member organisations
  • 250 vacancies

Local Authorities with in-house children’s homes are welcomed as affiliate members.

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