If you are thinking of joining ICHA you will need to contact the ICHA office, by e-mail for an application pack admin@icha.org.uk. All fees will be discussed at that time.

Essentially you can’t. One advantage of being an ICHA member is that the networking that is afforded does allow members to exchange such information on an informal basis. There is also some information on fees in the State of the Sector reports published annually by the ICHA.

The ICHA assumes that members should be aware of actions that they can take.  However, where a member has such concerns they should contact the ICHA office and we will endeavour to put you in touch with an experienced member in such matters.

ICHA does now hold regional meetings 3 or 4 times a year.  Some regions have just been finalised but dates will be publicised in the ICHA Bulletin and on the ICHA website.

The regions are:-

South East
North East
West Midlands
East Midlands
North West
South West
Yorks & Humberside

No, the updates are for members only.  We use them to inform members of developments in practice, updates on policy and practice, relevant items in the press, training events and other associated topics.

ICHA is a not for profit member's organisation, representing independent providers of residential children's homes in England & Wales.  We are actively involved in promoting the needs of the sector and the children and young people who benefit from our services, by:

  • Being the largest representative body of children’s homes providers in England and Wales.
  • Meeting with Ministers and Government officials so that the voice of the sector is heard.
  • Being represented on National and Regional bodies. We are member led and run on democratic lines – 1 member: 1 vote. We have a board, and sub groups looking at sector specific issues. We hold General Meetings, usually in the Midlands for ease of access, where members can ‘network’ and share quality practice and discuss issues; and to which we regularly invite relevant speakers such as representatives from Ofsted, Children’s rights etc. We hold a conference each year and/or we speak at other national conferences and events.  We have officers that are available to assist members whenever they can.
  • We have launched a new referrals portal.  This aims to match placements with providers.


Certain members do share procedures but there is no formalized process for doing this. If you are a member you can make this request through the ICHA office who will place your request either on the website or in the CEO's twice weekly updates. We are not able to assist non-members in this regard.

In this current financial climate such actions are sadly not rare. There are a number of examples of such actions being undertaken without convening a LAC review and where significant professionals believe this is contrary to the young person’s best interests. Homes should be helping the young person contact their Children's Rights Officers, personal advocates and the Children's Commissioner if they want to stay.  If you require any further help or advice, contact one of our officers.

ICHA has a relationship with Markel UK, a specialist insurer to the UK care sector, who, through Wilby brokers, can offer ICHA members extremely competitive rates. Not only that, but ICHA members can access Markel’s specialist care consultancy, Janjer. Janjer are there to advise on a wide range of care-specific issues, including business management, risk management, and business continuity planning. This includes a pay as you go service and a monthly subscription service. Further details of Janjer services can be found here.

The ICHA is in partnership with Dialogue Training and information on their courses are regularly put into the CEO updates.  You can also use your networking to identify other recommended trainers - but always do due diligence!

If you are a member then ICHA can arrange for an officer to talk you through what actions you can take. As an organization we have, in general, enjoyed a positive relationship with Ofsted and are able to ask specific questions on our member’s behalf.  Members and non-members are advised to consult the OFSTED website which does advise on the appeal process.