The ICHA supports its members in transforming children’s lives through:

  • Frequent updates to members
  • Frequently ‘temperature checking’ issues impacting on members and communicating this to relevant national and local bodies
  • Responding to issues relating to Covid-19
  • Local regional meetings
  • National conferences
  • Responsible Individual and Registered Manager support events
  • Connecting with Ofsted
  • Liaison with Government Departments
  • Interacting with commissioning groups and individual local authorities
  • Commissioning the annual State of the Sector report
  • Campaigns
  • Consultations/supporting members with individual issues

In addition, ICHA has developed a partnership with a leading national training provider, Dialogue, where members can identify specific training requirements and receive discounts on training courses. Dialogue also provide a Reg44 visitor support network.

ICHA is being sponsored by a range of organisations representing GDPR, insurance, finance, HR, IT and web design all of which offer specific support to members at reduced cost whilst having an understanding of the work members are doing.


ICHA has members all over England and Wales. Every member has at least one registered children’s home.


Department for Education and across Parliament (including meeting with Ministers and Government officials), Local Government Association, ADCS, Local Authorities, Regional Databases, Regional Consortia, Ofsted, DBS, NICE, SCIE.

We work collaboratively with our colleagues in NASS and NAFP.