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Invitation to Register - Staying Close Online Learning Events Autumn 2021

Sharing learning from the Staying Close pilots

Since 2018, eight providers of services for care leavers have been funded by DfE to pilot new approaches to ensuring young people leaving residential care have a place they can call home and continue to receive support.

As we start to think about ‘what next’ for Staying Close, teams taking part in the pilot are getting ready to share what they’ve learned at six regional learning events for:

        LA Heads of Commissioning

     Assistant Directors of Children’s Services

     Heads of Service

     Leaving Care Managers

     VCS and Private Children’s Home Providers


The events will be held on:


21st September 2021

1pm – 4pm

30th September 2021

9am - 12pm


6th October 2021

9am - 12pm

19th October 2021

1pm - 4pm


2nd November 2021

9am – 12pm

11th November 2021

9am – 12m

These learning events will take place online meaning that of course you can attend whenever you choose without the inconvenience of travel.  However, you are encouraged to register for one of the dates assigned to your region if you can, so you can join discussions and make connections with people who live and work near you.

At each learning event you will hear from:

     Staying Close teams about the services they have co-designed with young people and practitioners in the pilot;

     Staff who are working with young people to learn about the partnerships and collaboration that have helped them;

     DfE about policy direction for care leavers and where next for Staying Close;

and most important of all:

     Young people about their experiences of Staying Close and what it has meant for them as they transition to adulthood and independence.

Please register for the event of your choice on this Eventbrite link.  Further details and joining instructions will follow nearer the time.

For further information about Staying Close or with any questions about these events please contact and



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