ICHA Position Statement: Costs & Profit in Children's Residential Care (9.3.22)

There is a long-standing debate about costs and profit in children’s residential care.  The Independent Children’s Homes Association (ICHA) believe that this debate is becoming detached from the wider context in which our member organisations provide vital care. By doing so a critical public service risks being inaccurately portrayed impacting on thousands of dedicated professionals across the country. To address this ICHA have produced a position statement LINK  that we would like commentators to consider when authoring articles or making comment about cost and profit.


For further information please contact:

Peter Sandiford



Notes to Editors:


The Independent Children’s Homes Association Ltd (ICHA) www.icha.org.uk  is the voice of providers of residential child care services and resources across England and Wales. We are a Not-for-Profit Limited Company.

ICHA’s Vision: ‘Exemplary Residential Child Care.’

ICHA’s Mission: ‘A member-led organisation driving excellence in residential child care through innovation, collaboration and sector leadership’.

ICHA represents both large and small providers with membership drawn from the public, private and voluntary sectors.  Some members have just one home whilst others have many homes across a wide geographic area.

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