Positive News Story No. 2

A Life in Care

Hi my name’s                    and I am a young person in care and I have been with social services since I as 4 years of age.  Just few days ago I was given a letter in the post telling me that I should enter a writing competition to try to win a reward so here you go.  First things first, you need to know is that it will never be easy being away from your friends and family and that you will go through some hard times, but it is the most difficult of times that lead to the best times in your life.  Life does not come without putting a good fight and all you need to do is try to get through it in the best way possible.  My life may not be too different to yours, I am a human and so are you, we both went to a school and we both have a family.  Being put in care could be a positive thing, as this helps you understand other people’s minds and opinions.  You get more chance to make more friends but this is my best piece of advice. Try your hardest to behave and try not to get your hopes up, as you will be let down quite a lot but this also a part of life.  Many people get let down mostly adults with their jobs but when you do get a job it will help you to not get frustrated with your boss or co-workers. Many famous people have been in care like many artists and singers, even some film actor’s maybe you may be like them one day.  The best thing you can do is try to look on the bright side of things, maybe try to find a candle that you like the smell of or a soft piece of fabric that you like the feel of because these things will calm you down.  Maybe even a plain drawing book and whenever you are upset, you can draw a picture. That’s what I do when I get stressed and I’ve been through some tough things and I’m sure you have too but when I got angry, I ended up getting into a fight on the streets or I ran off but this didn’t help me at all.  I either got into trouble with the police or got lost and then got in trouble with the police. One thing you need to know is don’t get in trouble with the police.  It won’t help you in any way and it will just make life harder, trust me, I know so just take my advice and don’t get in trouble too much. Nobody saying that you can’t get angry because everyone gets angry, we’re just saying don’t get into trouble too much maybe just an argument or a little tantrum but nothing too bad.


The XXX and my time living here

As my time being here in XXX has been a delight, with all the staff helping me get through some pretty tough times. It has really helped me learn to find my own way out of some situations, obviously not all but that’s life for you.  You learn to do things by yourself and you learn how to do things with other people in your life.  I find that XXX was probable the best place for me to be, when I didn’t know what was going on with my life and I would recommend that they should keep taking in children and looking after them for as long as they can.  One of the best things that I like about XXX is that they take in quite a big age range of children and that helps knowing how to cope with people older and younger than you.  With the children younger than me, it’s helped me to be more patient with things to come to me as the children are more hyperactive. When at a younger age and they start to calm down as the older they get.  All the members of staff are amazing and that is the whole truth, in my opinion, there is nothing more to say about them, except that they are strict but in time, you learn that they are doing it to help you as best they can and at most times, they are all just very nice people, especially Brenda, Ben, Michelle, Phil, Lynn and Hilary.

First, we all start with Phil as he is my favourite, even that he probable doesn’t know it but he is a kind person.  He can have a great sense of humour and at times, he can be as serious and scary like you would never expect but when he’s there, you can talk to him and he won’t judge.  He is a very simple man either he’s in a good mood or a bad mood.  Now Brenda she’s also one of my favourites probable because she bought me a watch but she is as cuddly as a big bear and will always be there for you when she can.  She will very shout but that’s when she does, then you know that you’ve gone too far.  Ben was my key worker and he is a great person when you get to know him. He will sit down with you and chat for as long as he’s free but when he’s working, he won’t stop until he’s done.  Hilary is one of those people that you can talk to, even when you’re bored and can come up with some cool conversations.  Michelle is quite calm at most times, even with her extremely high voice and small legs but she is one of the loudest when it comes to behaviour.  I like it here and I hope that the future children do too.

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