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Antser & TriX
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About Antser

At Antser, we provide a comprehensive service for Independent Children’s Homes and Independent Fostering Agencies, covering online policies and procedures, handbooks, inspections and training. As a trusted provider with over 30 years’ experience in the social care sector, our services are proudly used to support over 95% of local authorities and a host of independent providers across the UK.

Working alongside children, parents, carers, practitioners, managers and directors on a daily basis provides valuable and holistic insights which underpins the development and delivery of our services. We keep the child’s voice at the centre of everything we do and encourage the professionals we work with to develop a reflective and safe approach to their practice.

Our Procedures:

Also known as Trix Procedures, our procedures for Independent Children’s Residential Homes and Independent Fostering Agencies give your organisation the regulatory framework required to keep staff and children safe, as well as the facility to include local information and guidance specific to your organisation.

We manage and update all core content in real time on your behalf, ensuring the procedures remain up to date. Localised content can be updated by you when required. A few of the many advantages of using our procedures include:

  • Framework reflecting Regulations and Quality Standards
  • Central updating service
  • Inclusion of local material managed by you
  • One version available 24/7
  • Accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop devices

View our video to learn more about our products and services for Independent Services Providers here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNsInTzl80s  or simply visit our website at  Independent Providers - Antser

For more information, please contact: hello@antser.com