Type of provision:  Multi, dual and single-occupancy
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   9 homes 1 school
Total number of registered beds:  23
Size range of homes:   9: 3 x 4 bed homes 1 x solo 5 x 2:2
Age range on admission:  8 – 17
Specialist service:  Dove Adolescent services provides flexible individual care packages to vulnerable young people with complex history and multiple needs
Name and qualifications:  Each home has a named Registered Manager who is qualified to ILM 4/5 NVQ Level 4/5 management 70% staff qualified NVQ 3.
Registered school:  Yes – 1 school Reg number DCSF370/6005
Other education provision:  ASDAN CoPe, Elite, Motormouth partnership working Barnsley College and LA Virtual Head Teachers. Qualified Teacher with PGCE early years.
Therapeutic provision:  Therapeutic services are offered through NSCAP
Geographical location:  Yorks & Humberside


Dove Adolescent Services a Gold Standard organisation providing award-winning services. We provide flexible, individual care packages. Our services are run through a close-knit network of small, multi-occupancy Registered Care Homes and separate single-occupancy Specialist Resource Homes. This enables us to suit different ages, backgrounds and individual needs.

Dove’s methods are relationship-based, which is formed through the social pedagogy ideology. The ethos within every home is based upon inclusive group living and shared  experiences. The underpinning ethos is one of positive re-enforcement, achieved through working in partnership with the young people in order to identify realistic goals. Staff endeavour to maintain a nurturing environment by presenting, as genuine adult role models, allowing young people to develop positive attachments with the adults who are caring for them.

Our people are, without reservation, our greatest strength, with a culture of learning, training and development, underpinning the understanding of what contributes to good, child-centred care. Five out of our 10 homes are overall outstanding and the other 5 are good with outstanding elements.

We’re immensely proud to have been awarded Investors In People Gold Status. Fewer than 1% of UK organisations have reached this prestigious standard. We are the very first to do so in our sector.

“…an exemplary organisation with an embedded culture of excellence in their management and people development practice.”

Company Website:  www.dovecare.co.uk