Type of provision:   Residential Children’s Homes and SEN School
Total number of children’s homes & Other Services: Two: Chardleigh rated “Good” by Ofsted on 23.08.2016  03/04.10.2017 and Woodview rated “Good” by Ofsted on 06.07.2016  24/25.08.2017
Total number of registered beds:  9
Size range of homes:  4 & 5 Bed
Age range on admission:  Up to 18
Specialist services:  Complex Need, Challenging behaviour, ASD,LD, ADHD, Developmental Delay & SEN
Other education provision:  Approved Independent Special School DfE 933/6207URN:134909. NAS Accredited 16 pupils. Rated “Good” Ofsted on 28/30.04.2015
Names & Qualifications:   Our RMs are Level 4 or 5 trained, details on request.
Therapeutic provision:  Yes, PACE, Behaviour Analyst/Autism Specialist, ABA, Clinical Psychology,  SALT, OT.
Geographical location:  South West


3 Dimensions is a small company started in 2004, by a group of people with wide variety of skills and diverse experience of working with young people. We have 2 Residential Children’s Homes and an Approved Independent School for 16 pupils aged 7 to 25 years old.

Our School and Homes are registered for both boys and girls with complex needs, including challenging behaviour, traumas, communication & learning difficulties, Autism & SEMH. However, we accept children we can help, not on diagnosis. We provide tailored programmes that encourage young people to enjoy learning, feel safe and grow whilst enjoying their childhood and preparing for adulthood.

We focus on rewarding positive behaviours with praise, attention and activities, whilst removing the need to gain attention through negative behaviour, using a well defined Positive Behaviour Management programme. This is supported by professionals, and uses an eclectic approach, including a variety of theories ABC, ABA, VB, PACE & Conscious Parenting/Good Role Modelling. Through building self-esteem and confidence, teaching good communication skills and helping each young person to manage their own behaviours, we enable young people to learn respect for themselves and others.

Each home is built around the needs of the residents in them, with family-style environments that are not institutionalised and provide quality care and good outcomes. Each young person, acquires the life and social skills to move towards a more independent and positive future successfully within society.


Company Website:   www.3dimensions.org.uk