Type of Provision:  Children’s Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of children’s homes & other services: 1 plus (1 outreach/ enabling support service)Total No. of registered beds:  3

Age range on admission: 5 – 17 years

Specialist Services:  Learning Disability service. Complex Needs.

Names & Qualifications:  Kerry Turner, RM award, BSc, Cert-Ed, undertaking MSc PBS; Cory Jones. Level 4 C+YP; Tyler Collins. NPQH.



All children and young people should have the option of remaining near to their family and friends and services should be offered that allow this to be done to the highest standard. We will always go out of our way to work with agencies to provide this support.

Fernleigh House provides care to children to a standard of excellence, which embraces fundamental principles of Good Care Practice; this is witnessed and evaluated through the practice, conduct and control of quality in the home.

We know that excellent care can only be delivered by a well-supported staff team. We ensure that our recruitment, selection, induction, training and on-going support of staff is to the highest standard and evidenced at all stages.

We will endeavour to enhance our staff team with clinician support and supervision, where possible. This may be with clinical supervision, training and workshops or utilising the training and learning from other services.

It is a fundamental ethos that the children who stay at Fernleigh should be happy, healthy and well supported.

It is the objective of Fernleigh that children shall live in a clean, comfortable and safe environment and be treated with respect and sensitivity to their individual needs and abilities.

Staff will be responsive to the individual needs of children and will provide the appropriate degree of care to assure the highest possible quality of life within the Home.

South West Complex Care Services – Our Purpose

From the foundation of safety, we aspire to support each and every child and young person within our services to develop positive lifestyles and grow as individuals.

  • Safety – We all have a right to feel and be safe. We support individuals to have the opportunity to learn and understand how to be safer.
  • Life – From a foundation stone of safety, we will support individuals to lead positive lifestyles in their own communities
  • Growth – Through our service will support individuals to become safer, improve their own quality of life and thrive.