Type of provision:   Sexually Harmful Behaviour service – Therapeutic Residential Homes with On-Site Schools and Therapy Team
Gender:  Males
Total number of children’s homes  & other services:  2 – Golfa Hall Based in Welshpool, Powys, and The Oaks based in  Redhill, Shropshire
Total number of registered beds:  22
Size range of homes:  Up to 12 bed
Age range on admission:  11-18
Specialist services:  Specialist Therapeutic Care and Education for looked after young males with inappropriate or harmful sexualised behaviours.
Other education provision:  Registered schools at both Homes – The Oaks and Golfa Hall
Registered school or other education provision:   Our schools at The Oaks and Golfa Hall are approved with the Department for Education and the National Assembly for Wales respectively.
Therapeutic provision:  Multi-disciplinary assessments comprised range of  tests, measures and psychometric tools; psychiatric assessments, where necessary; Stand-alone assessments; family work; transitions back to family/ foster care & step-down independent living services; managing harmful sexual behaviour;
consultancy, training staff & commissioning advice.
Other services:   Therapeutic plans are informed by independent forensic psychiatric assessments and relevant psychometric measures.
Geographical location:  West Midlands, Wales


Amberleigh Care is a centre of excellence for young males who have exhibited inappropriate or harmful sexual behaviours. We use researched and evidenced based practice models, underpinned by specialist trained staff, to deliver stable placements with best outcomes.

Our aim is to provide a safe place where young people can experience consistent and secure boundaries which support individual growth and achievement. Our therapeutic programme is multi-systemic in nature, with care, education and therapy departments working collaboratively to support the individual treatment goals identified for each young person, with smooth and supported
transitions through full care pathways.

Our Strategy is to create an environment that is both homely and practical, thereby minimising the effects of institutionalisation. Special attention is given every day to developing an environment where young people feel safe and able to achieve their individual potential.

Our Therapeutic communities are peer reviewed through our memberships of The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities and the Royal College of Psychiatrists quality improvement network,
Community of Communities.

Our services are preferred providers across Wales and on several regional frameworks across England. However, a high number of placements are commissioned individually due to specialism.

Company Website:   www.amberleighcare.co.uk