Type of provision:  Children’s Homes, Schools and Therapy
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes and other services:  3
Total number of registered beds:  24
Size range of homes:   4-12
Age range on admission:  6 – 12
Specialist service:  Young severely abused and neglected children reintegrated to families and day schools successfully.
Name and qualifications:  Clair Davies, BA Cantab, MA Special Needs
Registered school:  Appletree School and Fell House School
Therapeutic provision:  Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Play, Drama, Art & Music Therapy, Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, Family Therapy, Filial Therapy and EMDR.
Other Services:   Inspired by Social Pedagogy models, we evolved our own approach, founded in principles of Humanistic Psychology. Staff undertake a 1 year Diploma to secure our principles.
Geographical location:  North West


Our Specialist Therapeutic Care, Therapy and Education for younger children has worked for over 20 years. We know it makes a lasting difference; our early intervention results speak for themselves. We have two special primary schools and three children’s home for girls and boys 6 -12 years.

96% of our children are currently engaged in Individual Therapy.

Our Therapeutic programme is tailored to each child’s needs. We provide individual therapy for each child and integrate therapeutic support into all our work. We provide therapy in action – not therapy in a vacuum – whilst still providing our children with a safe, confidential space to work on their trauma.

The therapists & psychologists deliver regular training to everyone who works at ATC including: Child development, Attachment, Trauma and Recovery, Restorative Practice, Therapeutic parenting, Child Psychology and the Effects of Domestic Violence. The psychologists also deliver a year-long intensive Diploma which reinforces all of our principles and encourages reflective practice.
94% of our leavers (2011 – 2016) were able to leave residential care / special school provision and return to families, adoptive families or foster families before reaching their teenage years.

The majority of our children are ready to begin their transition back to a family setting after an average of 2.5 years with us.
100% attendance in school – no unauthorised absence.

Our homes & schools are judged Outstanding / Good by Ofsted.


Company Website:  www.appletreeschool.co.uk