Type of provision:   Children’s Residential Care with Registered Education
Gender:   Mixed
Total number of children’s homes and other services:  2
Total number of registered beds:   15
Size range of homes:    8 & 7
Age range on admission:   11 – 17
Specialist service:   Outdoor Education & Pursuits Program
Registered school:   Arnfield Independent School
Other education provision:   Outdoor Education & Pursuits
Therapeutic provision:   Child & Educational Psychologist – CBT & EMDR access
Other services:   Other services
Geographical location:   North West


Based in the High Peak District of Derbyshire. Since 1997, we have supported children and young people aged 11 to under 18, whose circumstances present a challenge for services, where additional identified needs cannot be met within the LA.

We provide high-quality placements meeting individual needs, education, social, psychological and health care, supporting improved outcomes. Our support ranges from short-term breaks, 28 days to six months plus. Longer-term care, 12 to 36 months and onwards to independent living.

We believe our support programme provides young people with an active and stimulating base, from which they can experience key periods of stability, providing opportunity for important growth and development.

Young people who arrive at this home in crisis, with a history of significant risk taking or offending behaviour, continue to achieve outstanding outcomes from their starting points. They develop aspirations and start to work towards realistic goals for the future. As a result, their life chances significantly improve.

Ofsted Inspection – Arnfield Tower (crisis/emergency, med-term), March 2015 ‘Outstanding’.

Young people have a strong sense of safety in this home.

A young person said: ‘the staff keep us safe here by looking after us well. They are brilliant and there is always someone to talk to’. Bullying is not tolerated, young people develop mutual respect for each other and get on well together. This provides young people with a further sense of safety and security.

Ofsted Inspection – Greenfield House (medium/long-term), February 2015 ‘Outstanding’.

Company Website:   www.arnfieldcare.co.uk