Type of Provision:  Residential Children’s Home
Gender: Mixed
Total No. of Childrens’ homes & other services:  1
Total No. of registered beds:  4
Age on Admission:  11-17 years
Other Education Provision: Through providing nearly 20 years of good service in our area, Arronbeth has good working relationships with local schools, colleges, vocational and academic courses and local education schemes, suitable for all children and young people of all needs.
Therapeutic Provision:  We can supply a range of multi-need care, including assessment from clinical psychologists, therapists or CBT to support a range of complex social, emotional, behavioural and mental health needs.
Other Services:  An on-site annexe allows us to specialise in providing semi-independent skills and training. Please request other available services.


Arronbeth is a residential children’s home providing care and support for up to 4 young people aged from 11–17 years of either sex.

Arronbeth provides 24-hour care for young people who would benefit from living in a family environment.

Arronbeth believes that all young people are entitled to a safe living environment under the protection of a high quality and well-trained staff team. Arronbeth offers a stable, caring family environment, which promotes positive attitudes and proactive support to each young person in our care. Our emphasis is on creating a holistic environment, where young people are encouraged to explore their potential and develop their characters.

Overall, we believe that these aims will be achieved through positive re-enforcement nurtured in an atmosphere of fun, laughter, (where appropriate), also through empathy and non-judgemental support when working through difficult issues.