Type of provision:   EBD
Gender:  Males
Total number of children’s homes and other services:   3
Total Number of beds:   15
Age range on admission:  10-17 years
Specialist services:  Therapeutic intervention / ASDAN
Name and qualifications:  Nikki Common, Whorlton Hall Manager – Level 5 L&M. Donna Delaney, Rothbury House Manager – Level 5 L&M. Mark Eccles, Fairways Acting Manager – Level 3 CYP, Undertaking Level 5 L&M.
Other education provision:  Educational provision off-site
Therapeutic provision:  We work in partnership with a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.
Geographical location:  North East


Artemis Support provides short, medium and long-term care for children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties aged between 10-17 years old. The organisation has three homes situated within the boundaries of Newcastle Upon Tyne and Gateshead. Each home has the capacity to care for five young people.

Artemis Support is able to facilitate education, training and traineeships for young people, as well as therapeutic intervention.

Artemis works with a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, to ensure any emotional and behavioural difficulties our young people may present with are understood, and the appropriate support provided.

She is an expert in Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Attachment, Trauma and Trauma Repair.

She is registered with the Health Care Professionals Council. She provides a range of psychological input for our young people. All our young people receive an initial psychological screening, which will identify any risks and needs in relation to their emotional well-being and mental health. Where needed and wanted, she is also able to provide full psychological assessment and intervention for
our young people, including the provision of individual therapy.

In addition, she provides regular consultation to our staff to ensure that any emotional or behavioural difficulties our young people may present with are understood and responded to appropriately.

Email:  clare.coward@artemisnetwork.co.uk