Type of provision:  Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes and other services:   5 Children’s Homes and a therapy service.
Total number of registered beds:  21
Size range of homes:   3 – 6 beds
Age range on admission:  8 -18 years
Specialist service:  Therapeutic Residential Care Placements
Therapeutic provision:  Therapy Centre
Other services:  Other services
Geographical location:  East Midlands


United Children’s Services is a Residential service that integrates the provision with Therapeutic support to Children and Young People with Social, emotional and mental health issues.

We have five registered children’s homes and a total of 21 residential placements, Staffing levels provide 1:1 care and 2:1, when required. All staff receive training, as required by the Children’s Homes Regulations, with additional training and support in therapeutic interventions. Individual therapeutic work and staff consultation is carried out by qualified therapists.

We have established links with a number of placing authorities and work closely with other agencies, including CAMHS, LSCB, YOS and Police to ensure consistency in the individual care packages provided.

Referrals and admissions are considered for both emergency and long-term placements, in accordance with the particular needs of the young people needing our support.

We pride ourselves on delivering a nurturing environment in all our homes. This doesn’t happen by chance. We have dedicated and experienced staff teams made up of people who truly care about the wellbeing of everyone in our homes, and who want to achieve the very best outcomes for young people, developing, resilience, enabling them to grow in an environment full of optimism.