Type of provision:    Residential
Gender:    Mixed and single sex placements
Total number of children’s homes and other services:    4
Total number of registered beds:    17
Size range of homes:     3 x 4 bedded units, 1x 5 bed – All for EBD
Age range on admission:    8-17
Specialist service:    High EBD Behavioural
Other services:    Other services
Geographical location:    South West


The Beaufort Care Group provides a therapeutic environment for 8 to17 year old children in the South of England.

Following an Attachment Model of Therapeutic care.

Over the 13 years that we have operated, we constantly analyse our care, adjusting practice accordingly, to ensure that the best possible outcomes are reached by our Young People.

Specialising in young people with high Emotional and Behavioural needs, our Team are hand picked for their ability to work within a nurturing, supportive environment.

Bespoke educational packages are designed, with the focus on providing a learning solution which maximises the outcomes for our young people, including an extensive activity program.

Company Website:     www.beaufortcaregroup.co.uk