Type of Provision:  Crisis and assessment
Gender:  Female
Total No. of children’s homes & other services:  3
Total No. of registered beds:  8
Size range of homes: 3 bed
Age range on admission:  7 – 17 years on admission
Specialist Service:  Crisis and assessment
Other education provision:  Educational support available but education is not a primary function of the home.
Registered school or other education provision:  None.
Therapeutic Provision:  Behavioural and Educational psychological assessments, designed to formulate with the young people, a plan for their future.


Blue Elephant Childcare Ltd is a new company with a long heritage.  Its founders have over 50 years combined experience of working in and running children’s homes.

The foundations of the company are very much built on placing the child at the very centre of every decision taken.

Blue Elephant are a crisis and assessment specialist company, working with children who are experiencing a crisis and where a child’s room is an appropriate setting for them to begin to deal with the crisis and prepare for the next stage of their life, by writing their own ‘moving on plan’.

Clearly, the best plans are those based on considered evidence and expertise. Towards this end, our staff are well qualified and experienced in conducting assessments with children. The team are supported by a therapeutic team of both child and educational psychologists.  Together they work with the child to produce their unique ‘moving on plan’.

Although our places are ‘short-term,’ the settling, assessing and finally moving on, stages will take as long as the child needs them to. We want the child to be ready to move on, to have an identified next move which supports and facilitates the child’s ‘moving on plan’.

Investing in the child now, is our way of creating their better future.