Type of Provision:  Therapeutic Children’s Home
Gender:  Male Only
Total No. of Children’s Homes & Other Services:  4 homes (1 school)
Total No. of Registered beds:  28
Size range of homes:  4 – 10 beds
Age range on admission:  13-16 years
Specialist Service:  Therapeutic Community working with adolescent males who display harmful, sexual behaviour
Other education provision:  
Names & Qualifications:  
Registered school or Other education provision:  On-site registered school.
Therapeutic Provision:  On-site therapy department
Other services:

Apple Orchard uses a holistic approach combining the disciplines of residential care, education and therapy, all three being important in what they offer to combat the tenets of harmful sexually behaviour exhibited by young people.

We aim to:

To provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment.

To promote and help young people to build their self-esteem and to value themselves.

To encourage young people to develop and maintain appropriate social relationships and enjoy a range of activities.

To facilitate young people’s full participation in education and aim for 100% attendance in education.

To assess and address the young people’s therapeutic needs.

To collaborate with all parties who have responsibility for the well-being of the young people.

To encourage the young people to take an appropriate level of responsibility for their behaviour and participate in relevant decision-making processes.

To provide young people with the skills they need to reduce their potential for involvement in harmful sexual behaviour and develop their independence.

To re-integrate the young people safely into the community.