Type of provision:  Therapeutic Residential Childcare with education
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  28 homes, 1 registered school delivering education on 4 sites, clinical services centre.
Total number of registered beds:  67
Size range of homes:  Including 10 solo, 5 x dual bed, 9 x 3 bed, 3 x 4 bed and 1 x 8 bed.
Age range on admission:  10 – 18
Specialist service:  Crisis and Assessment, Mental Health, Learning Disability, SEBD, ISB and CSE.
Registered school:  Smallbrook School
Therapeutic provision:  Clinical Services including specialist forensic psychologists and counselling psychologists.
Geographical location:  West Midlands, Wales


Integrated therapeutic service to young people with a wide variety of both acute and chronic needs, expressed through a range of troubling behaviours.

Bryn Melyn Care is a leading provider of therapeutic residential care, independent education, and integrated clinical treatment for multiple and complex needs.

Established in 1985, we deliver a portfolio of specialist placement solutions for young people 10–18+ from crisis and assessment placements through to long-term specialist placements and
preparation for independence.

Often a young person will have different needs at different times, which is why we offer a range of resources: solo placements, shared homes, rural locations, as well as urban environments. We
can work with young people in crisis and in need of stabilisation, through to longer-term therapeutic care.

We also have experience and expertise in a range of specific behaviours and challenging needs, including learning disability, mental health and CSE. Many of the young people we work with have
highly problematic attachment patterns and some will present a range of other needs, including serious organic mental health problems, emerging personality disorders, inappropriate sexualised behaviour, self-harm, autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder, violence, and aggression to name a few. Often the young person will display a combination of needs – every young person
is an individual, which is why we specifically tailor each placement.

Our intensive and bespoke packages fit around the young person; to provide a service that the young person will engage in and, out of which, get the best.  At the heart of the service’s work with young people is establishing a therapeutic relationship.

Company Website:  www.brynmelyncare.com