Type of provision:   Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   5 homes, 3-4 beds each
Total Number of Registered Beds:  20
Age range on admission:  5 – 17 years
Specialist services:  Therapeutic Community (also now have a 16+ Supported Living Service for 16 years & above). We offer CSE specialist services and now a dedicated learning disabilities home.
Therapeutic provision:  Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy & Psychiatric Services
Geographical location:  South East, South West


Services for Children comprises four homes with close links to psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services. All homes are directly set up to enable the most vulnerable young people to achieve positive outcomes and to achieve within their own abilities. The aim is to provide stable, long-term placements, with a view to having young people achieve permanency within a family, wherever possible.

We employ two Child & Adolescent Psychotherapists, who can offer State of Mind Assessments and 1:1 Psychotherapy for young people in our care and also work closely with staff teams to support
and maintain their therapeutic working with young people.

Homes are committed to supporting young people to be healthy and to stay safe. We have achieved excellent outcomes for complex young people within the areas of missing from care and CSE specifically, as well as a range of other emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Since late 2014, we also now have a 16+ Supported Living Service, where young people reside individually in flats or 1 bedroom accommodation, with support hours provided to them by our team of Project Workers.

This service is registered with the CQC and allows our eldest young people to remain within a familiar service, whilst continuing to build on their independence skills. From 2017, we also have earning disabilities placements available with access to a speech and language therapist and custom- built sensory room.

Company Website:  www.csfc.co.uk