Type of provision:   Therapeutic Children’s Homes
Gender:  Female
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  1
Total number of registered beds:  3
Size range of homes:  One home that accommodates up to three young women
Age range on admission:  11+
Specialist services:  Therapeutic care. Clinical Psychologist. 1:1 staff ratio. Leaving care transitions.
Other education provision:  Strong links with schools and local education and community providers
Name & Qualifications:  Steve Robertson has a BA in Youth & Community and an MSc in Social Work.
Therapeutic provision:  Yes
Other services:   Available upon request
Geographical location:  South West


Carbrey Care is committed o providing high quality care to young people that is individually tailored to meeting their psychological needs.  We understand that young people accepted into our services will have complex emotional presentations, often consequent to earlier aversive life experiences, such as neglect and trauma, and that they have probably not had safe or appropriate experiences of consistent care from adults.

At Carbrey Care, we understand re-learning that human relationships are safe, predictable and fulfilling, poses a challenge and dilemma to many of the young people in our care.

It is recognised that some young people find it difficult to accept or trust help from others and may be very wary of one to one psychological therapy. While we have a strong wish to have our offers of this level of service accepted, (and it is available for all young people living in our service), we also understand that such interventions can feel worrisome, overwhelming and potentially intrusive, which can be a repeat of experiences that they have had with other adults.  With this in mind, when there are such issues in this area, we offer direct and indirect forms of support to young people,
through their relationships with the support team and informed by the psychological formulation, working plan and psychological consultation.

Transition into Independence

We have a network of independent accommodation and support for young adults and can ensure continuity of care through the link worker.

Company Website:   www.carbreygroup.co.uk