Type of provision:   Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   4 (rural locations)
Total number of registered beds:  16
Size range of homes:   4 bed
Age range on admission:  9 to 17 years
Specialist services:  2 Qualified Therapists, Night Awake Staff, BESD, CSE.
Name and qualifications:  1 Qualified Child Psychotherapist, 1 Qualified Art Therapist.
Registered school:  All Homes, in-house Education, Registered GCSE Exam Centre
Therapeutic provision:  All staff trained in Therapeutic Child Care.
Geographical location:  Eastern


Care Focus Ltd was established in 2003 and operates 4 small therapeutic Children’s Homes in rural locations within easy reach of Ipswich or Colchester railway stations.

There are now 4 homes – Acorn Cottage, Gable End, The Lodge and Birchbrook House. Each Home accommodates a maximum of 4 young people.

These Therapeutic Homes specialise in Young-people aged 9-17 with severe Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties – often compounded by multiple placement breakdowns. Placements include both planned and emergency.

The rural locations of the Homes are particularly suitable for young people ‘at risk’ through habitual absconding or CSE.

A wide range of individually tailored therapy is offered for all residents. On-site education is provided by qualified teachers from ASDAN through to GCSE, depending upon ability. Care Focus is a Registered Exam Centre for GCSE.

There is a high level of staffing, including night awake staff. Young people are cared for by an outcomes focused, psychologically minded staff team. Trained staff provide the learning opportunities and the reflection needed to support individual therapy and positive development.

Company Website:   www.carefocus.co.uk