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Type of Provision:  Residential Children’s Home/Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of children’s homes & other services1
Total No. of registered beds: 3
Size range of homes: 1 x 3 bed
Age range on admission: 8 – 18 years
Therapeutic Provision:  Support from our in-house psychologist Dr Daniel Mulligan, who reviews care plans and provides bespoke and individualised staff training to help manage all manners of behavioural difficulties. He also delivers evidence based assessments and interventions for all of our young people.


Changing Lives Care Group offer a domestic environment based on support, encouragement, emotional warmth, love, affection and patience; the fundamentals of “good parenting”. We promote a culture that embraces individuality and supports our children/young people in every aspect of their development in order to reach their full potential. We provide a caring, safe and happy home, where all of our children/young people can live, learn and grow together as a family.

The ethos of our organisation is that we seek to empower and inspire our young people through support, guidance and care on their path of development. Every child/young person is encouraged and enabled to enjoy a wide scope of social activities, build positive relationships and we champion the use of multi-agency partnership working, in order to truly provide the best possible outcome for everyone in our care.

We provide individualised child-centred placements and therapeutic programmes and have a diverse, highly trained and experienced staff team to fully meet the developmental needs and proactively support each of our children/young people.

Our success will be measured fundamentally by the outcomes we achieve for the young people in our care. We will persevere in overcoming any obstacles on the path of development for our young people so that we can equip them with the life skills needed for a bright future.

Changing Lives…Creating Futures