Type of provision:   EBD residential home
Total number of children’s homes & other services: 

Total number of registered beds: 
4 beds (one solo and 1 x 3 bed)
Size range of homes: 
A 5 bed homes and 3 bed home which are going to be registered as solo home in August
Age range on admission: 
8-18 years old
Specialist services: 
Geographical location: 
West Midlands


The service provides medium & long term care for children and young people aged between 08 – 18 years, who have experienced behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and placement breakdowns; this includes family, foster and residential placements.

The home will accommodate up to 3 children and young people of both genders. To ensure that their needs are met we will:-
•  Ensure, when planning admissions to Stenson Lodge, clear consideration is given to the mixes of children and young people. Given the wide age range of children and young people to be looked after within the service and the complexity of their needs, we would always take into account their ages to ensure that they are compatible.
•  All Children who are placed at Stenson Lodge must have a placement plan that is in full agreement of providing a minimum of 25 hours education per week, and denoting who is responsible for this requirement.
•  Use the rota’s creatively to reflect a balance of gender and experience, as well as providing adequate numbers.
•  Provide adequate staffing to work closely with smaller groups or individual young people, in order to promote their welfare and to enable outside activities to take place.
•  Identify a key worker for each young person who works with them directly, to ensure the identified objectives in their care plan are fully realised.
•  Meet the needs of each young person in placement through the provision of firm boundaries and structured care. To promote and effect positive changes for the children and young people,
equipping them with the tools that will enable them to move forward into future placements or in preparation for independence.