Type of provision:   Residential Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   13
Total number of beds:  57
Age range on admission:  7 – 18 years
Size range of homes:   3 x 3 bed, 4 x 4 bed, 4 x 5 bed, 2 x 6 bed
Specialist services:  EBD, LD, CSE and PSB
Registered school:  Compass Community School
Therapeutic provision:  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Integrated Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Animal-assisted therapy
Other services: 
Geographical location:  North West, West Midlands, South East


Our residential children’s homes provide the highest quality care and substitute parenting for children who experience emotional and behavioural difficulties.
Our Residential Children’s Homes do not subscribe to a single theoretical or therapeutic model. The philosophy is to meet individual children’s developmental needs through the deliberate promotion of ordinary experiences – family values, respect, caring, education, social and leisure pursuits and good health.

Compass Children’s Homes also operates specialist therapeutic intervention for children and young people, who have displayed problematic sexualised behaviours (PSB).

Frequently, children and young people with PSB will have a history of negative experiences, poor attachments and of complex trauma. They may also struggle with education, health and social skills, or have difficulties coping with rules and boundaries. Additional behaviours may include impulsivity, weak emotional regulation, verbal and physical aggression and poor relationship skills.

Our therapeutic ‘Stepping Forward’ programme is delivered in partnership with Mentor Forensic Services (MFS). MFS was established by forensic psychologist, Dr Joe Sullivan and consists of a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced specialists. MFS’s approach includes working extensively with carers, residential teams, families and multi-agency professionals.

Company Website:   www.compasschildrenshomes.com