Type of Provision:  Children’s Residential Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of children’s homes & other services: 1
Total No. of registered beds: 3
Age range on admission: 0 – 17 years

Specialist Services: EBD


Constant Child Care is a privately managed residential Children’s Home managed by a professional management team and is a registered provider with the West Midlands Child Care Consortium, which can be found on the Placements Portal.

Constant Child Care Children’s Home is a private home which has been adapted for use as a residential children’s home. Our Aims are

• To work in partnership with children young people and all those with parental responsibility to achieve the best outcomes.

• Wherever possible we aim to help and support young people to return to live with their families on either a full time or on a shared care basis.

• If the aim is not for the young person to return home, we will provide longer term care for the young people until they are ready to move on to live with another family or to live independently providing support to the individual during the transition.

• Wherever possible contact with families and carers will be encouraged and maintained. Maintain and strengthen any links the young person may have with the community.

• Provide a structured, stimulating, caring and safe environment that is free from any prejudices and which offers young people the opportunity to be listened to and express their wishes, feelings, and needs.

• Encourage a positive sense of self-image through responding to young people’s individuality by treating them with dignity and focusing on reinforcing positive behaviour.