Type of provision:  Therapeutic Residential Children’s Homes
Gender:  Male only
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  2
Total number of registered beds:  6
Size range of homes:  2 x 3 bedroom
Age range on admission:  10-17
Specialist service:  1:1 and 2:1 staffing ratios and therapeutic care, SHB, criminal and anti-social behaviours, persistent absconding, arsonistic convictions and tendencies.
Name and qualifications:  Yvonne Hale, Head of Care, DipSW, CERT Ed, Dip Counselling, Adv. Dip Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, Dip Casework Supervision, Cert CBT. In-house, Clinical Psychologist.
Other education provision:  Strong & successful links with local schools and colleges
Therapeutic provision:  Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists, Community of Communities programme. Community based therapeutic provision with focus around attachment, reparenting models, CBT, T/A within a therapeutic environment. Life story work.
Other services:  Planned placements
Geographical location:  North West


Cornerstone Children’s Homes are therapeutic communities based in the North West.

We create a world for young people that supports, encourages, empowers and nurtures them towards a responsible, productive and above all, happy adulthood. We provide therapeutic care to young people at risk of serious offending in the community. We will provide an environment conducive, not only to risk reduction, but also to rehabilitation and re-engagement with society, through personal development.

Our unrelenting approach to routine and boundaries are the ‘backbone’ of the Cornerstone model. We accommodate and care for males who display SHB, with convictions for SHB, or a victim of SHB. We work with males who may have multiple criminal convictions, peer led offending behaviour, violent offending behaviour, arson and drug related offending.

We have consistently achieved ‘outstanding’ assessments from Ofsted and are known locally as ‘The Cornerstone Project’ because of our unique and highly successful approach. This approach is delivered through a 6-weekly cycle of assessment, planning, implementation and review, with targeted keywork interventions to address the priority needs of our young people along the ECM criteria.

We make a unique investment in our staff who, from the outset, received training in the delivery of therapeutic care. The atmosphere in our homes is one of continuous growth and development,
involving young people, carers and management alike.

Our 5 core values of Courage, Trust, Understanding, Transparency and Community remain at the heart of all work with young people.


Company Website:  www.cornerstonech.co.uk