Type of provision:  Residential and Short Breaks (complex health needs), Community Support Solutions
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  4  (2 complex health and 2 CAHMs)
Total number of registered beds:  20
Size range of homes:  2 x 5 beds (res CAMHs), 1x 6 bed and 1 x 4 bed (Complex Health Needs)
Age range on admission:  0-17
Specialist service:  Complex health needs (incl ventilator dependency), Mental Health needs with full CAHMS service
Name and qualifications:  RGN’s (Paediatric) , RMN’s, LDis Nurse, Psychologists, Psychiatrist
Other education provision:  Range of local provision (private and state)
Therapeutic provision:  Full Residential CAHMS service as above
Geographical location:  North West


Courtyard Care Ltd provides individualised residential care and support for children and young people with complex needs; ranging from medical needs (Ventilator dependency; gastrostomy feeding; physical disability); Chronic Epilepsy; Behaviours that may challenge; Emerging Mental Health conditions (Personality disorder, attachment disorders, controlled drug management/
administration). Full CAHMS service and management of Community Treatment Orders.

Courtyard Care Ltd offers pathway planning as a minimum service, which identifies post placement/transitioning pathways, which, in turn, informs all work undertaken during placement.

Merseyside and Partners Residential Framework 2014/17 – Tier 1 Provider.

Ofsted – all homes rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’.
Company Website:  www.courtyardcare.co.uk