Type of provision:   Registered residential Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes &other services:  2
Total number of registered beds:  4
Size range of homes:  Max 2 beds per setting
Age range on admission:  12+
Specialist services:  EBD youngsters, crisis intervention, sexual offenders/victims,  16+ independence scheme, functional autism, CSE, Aspergers, Fragile X
Geographical location:  South East


Set up in 1999, in response to the failure of larger homes, to normalise the experience of being in care and eschew the benefit and court culture that occupies the care system.

We ensure consistency and success and our last three young adults left with qualifications and employment. We are pleased that they are staying in contact and, as a result, are receiving informal support.

Our home is a small, homely, terraced style building set on the South Coast with easy access to London and good local amenities.

Generally we have a 1:1 staffing ratio of dedicated, locally recruited staff with long-term service, all trained at least to NVQ level 3 with regular ancillary training.

We use detailed, generic and holistic care plans which are further developed, as and when situations arise and subside. We have continual re-evaluation of problems; identification of new
ones; in-house assessments resulting in appropriate action being taken.

Our commended, detailed reporting structure is available to social workers and agreed parties, including parents.  In-depth reports are available for court appearances, educational purposes and moving placements. All young people placed in care, leave our unit with comprehensive, up to date files. All reporting is compliant and ensures the safety of our young people in care.

Company Website:   www.crusoecare.co.uk