Type of provision:   Children’s Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  1
Total number of registered beds:  6
Size range of homes:  Up to 6
Age range on admission:  8-17
Specialist services:  Yes
Therapeutic provision:  Yes via a psychologist
Geographical location:  South East


The Warren is a specialist, medium to long-term registered residential young people’s home and was first established in 1975.

We care for vulnerable young people with emotional, behavioural and psychological issues aged up to seventeen years of age, upon admission.

Young people placed at the Warren would usually be considered to be at risk of victimisation and in need of higher levels of protection, because of their social interactions with other young people an the wider society.

The service adopts a holistic, needs-led and person-centred approach to the care and support of young people by offering a range of interventions aimed at empowering them. This includes fostering skills, strategies, and strengths that enable the young people to function more effectively in society and reach their full potential.

The service offers access to psychological/social assessment, therapy and support for young people with a range of psychological, emotional and behavioural issues. As an organisation, we are focused on how our services and provision impacts upon young people and we review our actions against defined outcomes for each individual.

The Warren is owned by Mr Dale Dawson, who is the Managing Director of The Cuckfield Care Consultancy. Dale qualified as a Social Worker in 1988 and has over thirty years’ experience in
the care and support of young people, who have encountered difficulties in their lives and who require the support of the local authorities and services for their care.


Company Website:   www.thewarrenchildrenshome.co.uk