Type of Provision:  Short, Medium or Long-term
Gender:  Male
Total No. of Children’s homes & other services: 1
Total No. of registered beds:  3
Size range of homes: 3-bedded
Specialist Service:  Emergency or placements with short admission times can be accepted, if conditions are met.
Other education provision: Education lead in each home to assess the educational needs of each child admitted and develop a bespoke package of education, utilising local registered specialist provision.
Therapeutic Provision:  Staff are trained in Attachment Theory and use a Conscious Parenting model of positive behaviour management and to build trusting relationships with children to affect positive change.
Other services:  Children have access to professional sporting mentors and access to a dynamic and adaptive approach to educational engagement to encourage positive outcomes.


We believe that all young people should have access to a range of opportunities that will enable them to develop skills and values that will equip them to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.  We provide all of the children we care for with a range of activities which encourage personal growth and development.

De Novo provides all the young people we care for with an excellent standard of accommodation in an environment that is safe, stable and well placed to provide them with the best opportunity to develop skills and behaviours that will enable them to succeed.  All our homes are highly resourced  and staffed by qualified and experienced child care workers.


For the young people placed with us, there is an expectation that they engage in a full-time individually tailored learning and activity programme.

Our bespoke approach to timetabling means that we offer a wide variety of opportunities to all students including traditional academic lessons; work with vocational providers; work experience; sport, in addition to outdoor adventure activities and curriculum based projects.  We deliver a varied programme that harnesses the individual talents and interests of every young person.

The collaboration between are and learning staff ensures a seamless approach to behaviour, which accelerates the ability of young people to learn and respond positively.  Praise, reward and positive role modelling enables us to apply consistent boundaries, including consequences and expectations, to promote motivation and positive behaviour in our young learners.