Type of provision:  Residential Children’s Homes, Family Contact and Community Services
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   4
Total number of registered beds:  15
Size range of homes:   4 – 6 beds
Age range on admission:  11 – 18
Therapeutic provision:  Counselling and Occupational Health Services
Geographical location:  West Midlands


DMR Services aims to create a safe secure environment for each young person accommodated within our looked after provision. We accommodate young people with complex needs, arising from past experiences, who now display behavioural and emotional difficulties. It is our aim that each accommodated young person will have access to, and benefit from, our in-house Multi-Disciplinary

In addition to offering a residential children’s home service, our Solihull Lodge facility allows us to provide a dedicated Bail & Remand service for young people.  We work in collaboration with Youth Offending Teams, Probation Services, Police, Education Providers and the Local Authorities, as an alternative to custody.

DMR Services provide a wide range of therapeutic interventions, enabling us to help individuals reach their full potential in life. We have comprehensive and innovative in-house programmes to address individual needs, including Psychology, Education, Occupational Therapy, Counselling, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse.

Our contact services are supplemented by a range of professional services from our Multi-Disciplinary Team. We have highly qualified workers, who are able to undertake parenting assessments and support. We also have a team of experienced family support workers, who are able to undertake “PAMs” parenting assessments which interface with the Assessing Children in Need Framework
and the Common Assessment Framework.

DMR Services are expert providers of a range of services to help families in the community.  Supporting separated parents to maintain or establish contact with their children. Crisis intervention, Parenting skills workshops, Supported contact services and Form ‘F’ assessments.


Company Website:  www.dmrservices.co.uk