Type of provision: Solo, dual, complex needs, group living and adventure trips
Gender: Mixed
Total number of children’s homes and other services: 43 children’s homes & 3 schools
Total number of registered beds: 125
Size of homes:  Solo to 5 bed home provisions
Age range on admission: Homes- various admission ages – dependent on needs of YP: Esland Isaac Newton School age 7 to 18, Oracle Bedford school age 8 to 18, Oracle school Congleton age 8 to 18
Specialist Services: Esland Isaac Newton School- SEMH and complex needs , Oracle Bedford school- ASD and complex needs, Oracle school Congleton- SEMH and complex needs.
Other Education Provision: Outreach provision in the process of being developed
Names & Qualifications: We contract 95% of qualified teachers, Headteachers completed NPQH
Registered school or other education Provision:  Esland Isaac Newton School – DfE number 925/6055, Oracle Bedford school- DfE number 822/6013, Oracle school Congleton -DfE number 895/6035
Therapeutic provision: SALT, OT, Counselling services
Other Services: Esland Adventures – located in the High Peak and Peak District, offering crisis intervention for up to 28 days for young people who require assessment or a transition period. Our Esland Adventure Servicecurrently offers ASDAN Awards and AQA Unit Awards, delivered at levels appropriate to the needs of the student.

Other Geographical location: North East, North West, Yorks & Humberside, South East, London, East Midlands & West Midlands