Type of provision:   Children’s Residential Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  5
Total number of registered beds:  14
Size range of homes:  Solo, dual and 5 bedded
Age range on admission:  8 – 17 years
Other Education Provision:    Education centre due to open
Name & Qualifications:   Management and Staff are professionally qualified to level 3 and above.
Registered school or other education provision:   On-site education with a qualified teacher.
Therapeutic provision:  Therapy can be provided.
Geographical location:  North West



Exceptional Care Ltd is a provider of high quality residential care for children and young people across the North West.

Our homes are based within the Rainford, Southport, Skelmersdale and in Talton area (where our new home is based). The homes range from a dual to a 5-bedded home, with the Southport home also including an apartment set as a solo provision or semi-independent ‘flat-let,’ providing its own facilities.

We deliver high individualised care packages to young people from a range of backgrounds.

Exceptional Care adopt a multi-agency approach to care planning, working with Health, Social Care and Education.

When young people come to live in our homes, the staff team aim to achieve positive outcomes for the young people in our care.  We provide a supportive, caring and safe environment, through
the work of a skilled, competent and empathic staff team with a focus on enabling children and young people to achieve. This includes ensuring opportunities are made available to them to
build their self-confidence, self-esteem and the skills needed to be a positive member of the community.


Company Website:   www.exceptional-care.co.uk