Type of provision:  Therapeutic Children’s Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’’ homes & other services:  1
Total number of beds:  5
Age range on admission:  On average 10 -15
Specialist service:  Psychiatrist; Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Family & systemic psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy; Play therapy; Family assessments; Residential family work
Therapeutic provision:  Committed and trained permanent staff providing therapeutic re-parenting, using attachment-based therapy within a small comfortable home.
Other education provision:    Individual tutor; community-based schools
Geographical location:  South East


Fairlight House provides high quality therapeutic residential child care with a proven reputation to bring about change in the young people and families that we work with. Using psychodynamic and systems theory, with particular emphasis on attachment based theory, we create a secure base from which the young people begin to explore, with safe and trusted adults, some of the troubles that have affected life. At the same time, we work alongside the young person’s family, recognising the young person is only one part of a system and may have been identified as the container of the family’s troubles.

We do not use unknown agency workers, as this would be counter-productive to our task. Our staff provides appropriate boundaries within a caring and child-focused environment.

Young people are involved in their ‘therapy’ and engage in individual and group work within the home. They are encouraged to recognise that their learning and education will need special attention and before moving to a local community-based school, they may need some education gaps to be addressed through home tutoring and additional help from the staff.  Clear programmes of work
are designed, in partnership with home and local authority specialists, to meet these needs.

Staff at Fairport Care Services have a reputation for professional, transparent practice, with excellent communication with family and other professionals. Staff are supported and guided by skilled and qualified practitioners and therapists within a culture of reflexive practice and an awareness of their privileged position in the young people’s lives.

Company Website:  www.fairportcareservices.co.uk/