Type of provision:  Specialist Residential Children’s Homes, Fostering Service, Education and Therapeutic Intervention.
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes
and other services:  5 Children’s Homes, Fostering Service and DfE registered Schools
Total number of registered beds:  21
Size range of homes:   2×5 bed, 2×4 bed & 1×3 bed
Age range on admission:  7 to 17 yrs
Specialist service:  Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMHN), Early Trauma, Attachment Difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Learning Difficulties, Mental Health Conditions, and Emerging Personality Disorder
Name and qualifications:  Information on request.
Registered school:  We operate a DfE Registered Schools in Shropshire and Cheshire East.
Other education provision:  Strong links to local Schools and Colleges. Small school for learning disabilities in Macclesfield.
Therapeutic provision:  Therapeutic support provided via our own therapists. Psychologists work in an advisory role to staff. We operate ‘therapeutic governance’ across all our services, informed by ‘The Secure Base’ (Schofield & Beak).
Geographical location:  North West, West Midlands


Family Care Group is a family owned organisation with a proud history, spanning nearly 30 years, of helping children and young people achieve their full potential.

Family Care run six children’s homes and each home has its own specialism and receives support from our education, therapeutic and psychological services.  Many of the homes have linked or on-site education. Our homes are located in Telford, Shrewsbury, Preston, Southport, Oldham and Macclesfield.

Our home in Macclesfield is a specialist wrap around learning disability service, providing care and education for up to four young people aged 7-17. There is also capacity for up to 4 day pupils at the school on-site (pending Ofsted registration).

We specialise in working with children and young people with Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs, Attachment Difficulties, Early Trauma, Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Learning Difficulties, Mental Health and Emerging Personality Disorders. Drawing on the expertise available in our Fostering and Residential Services, we also carry out focused work to prepare young
people for fostering.

To make a referral please call us on 01772 647500 or e-mail referrals@family-care.co.uk.


Company Website:   www.family-care.co.uk