Type of provision:   Therapeutic Community
Total number of children’s homes & Other services:  2 children’s homes; specialist school and a clinical team, short-term assessments, medium and long-term placements. Specialist integration to home intensive programme, including family therapy and family behaviour support.
Total number of registered beds:  14
Size range of homes:  6 & 8
Age range on admission:  4-18 (young people may stay over 18 under the Ofsted wholly and mainly policy).
Specialist services:  Therapeutic Community
Other education provision:  Ferndearle Specialist Independent School (APPROVED) close links with local mainstream schools (for young people to attend, if ready) and with the local college plus work experience.
Name & Qualifications:   GCSE’s; Entry Level Qualifications; Challenger Troopers up to City and Guilds; & ASDAN.
Registered school or Other education provision: Registered with the DfE
Therapeutic provision:  Yes, follows NICE guidance and is a member of Community of Communities.
Other services:   Known as intensive programme to home or foster family for young people, identified as being suitable for this which includes many adoption breakdowns.
Geographical location:  South East


Ferndearle is a therapeutic community which provides an integrated package of therapeutic care, specialist education and therapy.  Our Consultant Clinical Team consists of: 2 Clinical Psychologist,
a Psychotherapist, Play Therapist, 2 Psychiatrists (used for individual assessments); Speech and Language Therapist; Occupational Therapist and an Educational Psychologist.  Ferndearle caters for children and young people aged between 4 and 18, or 18 plus, where necessary.

Ferndearle provides specialist therapeutic programmes to young people with complex needs, due to traumatic experiences and or young people with problems due to organic disorders such as Autism, Aspergers or mild to severe learning difficulties. Apart from the short/medium and long-term therapeutic programmes, more recently, Ferndearle has become well known, and used for, ‘The Intensive Programme to Home or Foster Family’ for young people, identified as being suitable for this, which includes many adoption breakdowns.  Ferndearle is a member of Community of Communities and thus follows the therapeutic standards which are held by the Royal College of Psychiatry.  Ferndearle’s therapeutic model follows The National Institute for Clinical Excellence NICE) guidance.

Ferndearle uses two therapeutic models, one which is based on systemic/psychodynamic and attachment theory and practice.  The second is Non-Violent Resistance, which is a systemic model and brought into the UK by Dr Peter Jakob, who is Ferndearle’s trainer in this model.


Company Website:   www.ferndearle.com and www.ferndearleschool.com