Type of provision:  Therapeutic Residential Care, Clinical Service, Education Services & Fostering Services
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   19 (8 Homes, 5 Fostering Offices, 5 Education Services & 1 Clinical Service)
Total number of registered beds:  39
Size range of homes:   1 to 6
Age range on admission:  8 to 18 yrs
Specialist service:  Therapeutic Residential Care
Other Education Provision:   Day & Outreach Provision
Therapeutic provision:  Clinical Services

Registered school:  3 Registered DfE Schools
Geographical location:  South West, South East, London, Yorks & Humberside


Established in 1989 by Pam McConnell, Five Rivers Child Care is a Social Enterprise.

We consist of a fostering service, an education service and a residential service, all underpinned by our clinical and therapeutic work. A range of provisions from single to 6-bedded homes across
the South West, South East, London and Leeds.

Our Five Rivers values ensure that looked-after children and young people remain at the centre of everything we do, enabling us to help ‘turn their lives around’ delivering the best possible outcomes.

“Our motivations are solely about out young people, and our services are underpinned and informed by the principles of therapeutic work – a significant point of difference from other equity-backed, for-profit providers.”


Company Website:   www.five-rivers.org