Type of provision:   Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   6
Total number of registered beds:  23
Size range of homes:  3 – 4 beds
Age range on admission:  8 to 17 years
Therapeutic provision:  Educational Psychologist
Other services:  Other services
Geographical location:  North West


Good Foundations is a residential childcare organisation based in the North West. We specialise in group residential living for young people who have found it difficult to acclimatise to either home or foster care living. We have been successful over the years in providing positive outcomes for young people who may have had several placement breakdowns in both foster care and residential.

Our philosophy is to promote permanence and partnership with children and families and placing authorities. Our holistic approach to the day-to-day care of young people, enables us to explore and identify the right support for young people, who have often felt excluded from the security and comforts of family life.


Company Website:  www.goodfoundations.org.uk