Type of provision:  Specialist Recovery Programme for Looked After Children.
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  4 Residential homes, 4 Onsite Ofsted-Registered Schools
Total number of registered beds:  32
Size range of homes:   2×7 bed, 1×8 bed, 1×10 bed
Age range on admission:  4-12
Specialist service:  Restorative Parenting® recovery programme for pre-adolescent  children. Overseen by our CAMHS equivalent clinical team, our programme delivers improved psychological well-being to looked after children.
Registered school:  Willow House School, The Woodlands School, The Brambles School, Maple House School.
Therapeutic provision:  Halliwell Offer an Intensive Therapeutic Recovery Programme,  delivered constantly and consistently through our practice team.
Other services:  Education services for looked after children; support packages for  children in foster placements; CPD & training for Local Authorities and sector professionals; consultancy services to Local Authorities  & other providers; research and publication of academic articles.

Geographical location:  North West


Halliwell are a social enterprise and our mission is to enhance the psychological well-being of children in the looked after sector.

Our Restorative Parenting® recovery programme delivers psychological recovery to children with high levels of trauma. We aim to achieve recovery in a residential setting within 18-24 months, such that children can make a successful transition to a supported foster placement.

Our support package for foster placements from our clinical and practice teams, enables further intensive re-parenting which is concluded with engagement with therapeutic life story support. The culmination of the programme is for the child to be supported in a low intensity foster placement.

Education is provided by our own on-site Ofsted-registered school at each residential setting and transition into mainstream education is typically achieved within twelve months on the programme. Our programme is led by our clinical team, including Psychologists, Child Therapist, retained Psychiatrist, and Practice Director. This team is overseen by Dr Chris Robinson, Clinical Psychologist
and author of “Healing Child Trauma Through Restorative Parenting”. The clinical team provide guidance, assessment, and therapeutic response to the identified needs of each child, as well as consultation and training to enhance the therapeutic environment provided by the practice team.

Halliwell also delivers consultancy services and continuous professional development to professionals in the looked after sector. For more information, or if you are interested in receiving consultancy or training, contact us on the details listed above.

Company Website:  www.halliwellhomes.co.uk