Type of provision:   Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
Gender:   Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  1
Total number of registered beds:  3
Age range on admission:  8 – 17 years old
Other services:  Children’s Homes Consultancy. We also offer consultancy & Regulation 44 work.
Geographical location:  East Midlands

Happy Children’s Homes (HCH) has derived from the Directors having spent years practicing at frontline level and managing outstanding rated Local Authority homes. Collectively, with over
45 years’ of experience, the Directors are now offering a bespoke service to young people that embraces individuality and supports them in achieving their aspirations.

HCH is very innovative and unique in its thinking and will persevere in overcoming any barriers opposed to the progress and development of young people in our care. The organisation is very open, transparent and embraces multi-agency working with other professionals to achieve best outcomes for our young people.

Come and join us and let’s embark on an outstanding journey together.


Company Website:   www.happychildrenshomes.uk