Type of provision: Low occupancy, Long term, High quality Childrens Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes and other services: Three – 2/3 bed bespoke Children’s homes. Bespoke supported living & supported tenancy provision available in the West Yorkshire region for 16+.
Total number of registered beds:  8
Size range of homes:   two 3-bed homes, one 2-bed home
Age range on admission:  5-17
Specialist service: Therapeutic nurturing environment with long term placements, primarily working with, Attachment and Loss disorders challenging behaviours, EBD behaviours. Individualised Therapeutic services are available on request from our Therapeutic Support partnerships.
Name and qualifications:  Level 3, 4 & 5s  Leadership and management.
Other education provision:  Close and productive relationships with local mainstream, PRU’s & specialist schools to provide education for all our young people, without exception.
Therapeutic provision:  Available on request / as required.
Other services:  Semi independent / supported living services available on request with planning for current young people to progress in a safe environment with adults they trust.
Geographical location:  Yorkshire & Humberside


Harmony Children’s Services provides high quality, fresh, creative, innovative and successful approaches to working with children & young people with challenging, CSE & EBD needs.

Harmony is capable of meeting children’s or young people’s needs aged between  9 and 18 with emotional, social and challenging behaviours, CSE involvement and a place of safety, ASD children and young people, children in need of a secure and safe environment and supported Living, Semi-Independence and Independence Training needs.

Harmony provides a committed “family” of fully qualified staff to offer support, guidance and encouragement to work with and support its residents to overcome and progress from the issues that are affecting them. To allow this, Harmony provided an extended, supportive and caring family/ partnership-orientated environment, created with involvement from the Director, Manager, staff, residents and parents.

Harmony believes in open and transparent communication between all of its staff with relevant professionals through full & regular professional reports.

All of Harmony’s registered homes & independence training homes provide an extended family feel, through its approach and ethos. Within this supportive & nurturing environment, children and young people are given the opportunities to thrive and grow as individuals, knowing staff are there to provide help support and guidance.

“Harmony Children’s Services, Exceeding Expectations”.

Company Website:   www.harmonycs.co.uk