Type of provision:   Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  2
Total number of registered beds:  5
Size range of homes:  1 x 3 bed and 1 x 2 bed (soon to be 4 bed)
Age range on admission:  6 to 18 years
Specialist services:   Specialist in black and ethnic minority provision
Therapeutic Provision:   Support from in-house psychologist Daniel Mulligan. He reviews care plans and provides bespoke staff training to help manage challenging behaviour, self-harm, inappropriate sexualised behaviour and substance misuse.
Geographical location:  East Midlands


At Inspirations, we have a high regard and respect for all children and young people in our care, regardless of their race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or disability. The children and young
people of today are our future and with this in mind, they will be given the best opportunities available to enable them to reach their full potential. They will be encouraged to make informed

Inspirations provide a friendly and welcoming environment that is warm, comfortable, safe and secure. Children and young people will be enabled and encouraged to enjoy a full range of social activities and relationships using local services and resources.

We provide a safe and secure environment from which children and young people can enjoy and explore. All children and young people can expect to be treated equally, fairly and cared for in an environment, which aims to be free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.

At Inspirations, we take pride in the fact that we go the extra mile to continually improve and promote our services to ensure that the holistic needs of each young person are met. We have a diverse staff group that enables us to offer high quality service to every young person.  We cater for their individual religious and cultural needs. Each young person contributes to the weekly menu. We also
ensure our young people have access to reputable salons to ensure that they are able get the correct hair and skin care they require.

Company Website:   www.inspirations-oadby.co.uk