Type of provision:   Children’s Residential Care
Gender:   Mixed
Total number of children’s homes and other services:  3
Total number of registered beds:  5
Size range of homes:  1-3 bedded
Age range on admission:  8-17
Specialist services:  EBD
Other education provision:  Good links with local mainstream schools, colleges and pupil
referral homes
Therapeutic provision:  Lisa Anderson Psychology Services
Other services:  Good links with sports activity based clubs
Geographical location:  West Midlands


Inspire Care is a provider of small registered children’s home situated in Staffordshire and has 3 homes each registered for one to three young people with emotional or behavioural difficulties (EBD).

We provide an inspirational care provision in order to raise the aspirations of vulnerable and socially excluded children. We have a commitment to service-user involvement, empowerment,
and development to help children achieve their full potential. Through our ethos of communities, rights and inclusion, we ensure each child is valued, listened to and their needs met.

We aim to provide stability and respite to allow young people to reflect on their difficulties and make future plans, based on a comprehensive assessment of their social, emotional/behavioural, physical and educational needs and by providing a dynamic care plan to support realistic outcomes.

Our principal objective is to provide a quality of life that is as close to a family environment as can be achieved, using a good parenting approach, alongside praise and reward ensuring consistent boundaries and achievable outcomes.

Staff work a 24-hour shift which allows for consistency and continuity for young people. Our staff team are experienced, committed and aspirational individuals, who provide a non-judgemental approach and have all either gained their QCF Level 3 or are working towards their QCF Diploma Level 3 in Residential Childcare.

The team receive regular training and supervision, an assigned clinician also supports them. The homes have 2 assigned single point of contact police officers, enhancing our safeguarding process.

Company Website:   www.inspirecare.co.uk