Type of provision:  Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  11
Total number of beds:  20
Age range on admission:  8-17
Specialist service:  Solo/Dual
Name and qualifications:  Paul Keogh DIPSW & DIP/ED
Registered school:  Yes – 10 Placements (Inspire Training & Education Services- The Parks School – reg no: 359/6000)
Therapeutic provision:  Yes
Geographical location:  North West


Inspire has established itself as a quality provider of specialist residential care and support for young people within the North West. We have worked in partnership with a range of professionals and Local Authorities to provide flexible care packages to facilitate the care of young people in a dignified and respectful manner which is the cornerstone of our service delivery.

Our single / dual placements are OFSTED approved and provide a warm, comfortable and stable environment essential for young people aged 8-18 years. Our homes are staffed with experienced social care professionals – all equipped with the skills necessary to ensure that young people can flourish in our care.

Our principles are primarily based upon ensuring the utmost welfare of the young person through strong and effective partnership with those involved in their care and through the development of a ‘Culture of Awareness,’ which is embodied within our policies and practice in order to prevent all forms of harm and exploitation.

We believe in promoting individuality, diversity and ensure difference is valued and celebrated. We are committed to equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice and this is incorporated into all elements of the service. We foster self-esteem, independence and resilience to assist personal growth and development.

We respect the right for confidentiality within the context of ensuring young people’s protection from all forms of harm. We are committed to the professional development of our workforce through utilising empirical research and evidence based practice.


Company Website:   www.inspirecs.org