Type of Provision: Children’s Homes
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of children’s homes & other services:  2 (3 residential schools & 7 day schools)
Total No. of registered beds:  9
Size range of homes: Wood Grove (4 beds) and Heysham House (5 beds)
Age range on admission:  Wood Grove 11-18 years and Heysham House 12-17 years
Specialist Service: SEMH, ASC, CSE
Other education provision: Heysham House young people can access education via Wings School Cumbria and can access a range of local education facilities, schools and colleges. Wood Grove Children`s home accesses a range of local education facilities, schools and colleges in the local area.
Registered School or other education provision: Heysham House is linked to Wings School Cumbria
Therapeutic Provision: Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, SALT, Play therapist, Art therapist.


The Kedleston Group works in partnership with families, children and young people to create good outcomes for those who have had a challenging start to life. With a range of Childrens Homes, schools and residential services across England, children and young people are helped to gain the confidence they need to achieve and enjoy life.

Kedleston children’s homes provide safe, caring and homely environments, where the emotional, physical and social needs of children and young people are met and where they are supported to attend external education provisions.  Within the homes, staff support and mentor the children and young people to learn skills for life and independence, in readiness for them to move along their chosen path.