Type of provision:   Range
Gender:  Mixed
Total number of children’s homes & other services:  103
Total number of registered beds:  360
Size range of homes:   2-6
Age range on admission:  5- 17
Specialist services:  Psychologically Informed Care planning and Intervention (PICI) care pathways.
Registered school:  20+ registered schools across the UK
Other education provision:  Vocational Provision
Therapeutic provision:  Keys Therapists operating from Specialist Therapy Centre and network of Keys Psychologists, supporting PICI practice in homes.
Other services:  Active8 Emergency Specialist Education, Residential Family Assessment, 16+ Support/Accommodation and fostering.
Geographical location:  All regions


Keys Group is the foremost provider of specialist therapeutic, psychologically informed residential and education services for children with complex needs in the UK.

Keys Specialist Residential Services – over 80 children’s homes addressing Sexual exploitation, Sexually Harmful behaviour, Substance abuse, Offending, Eating Disorders.

Keys Education – over 20 educationally orientated children’s homes, Residential Schools, Independent Day Schools and Vocational services.

Active8/Crisis Care – provides intensive short-term emergency services, using outdoor activities as a medium for engaging with children, improving self-esteem and helping plan effectively.

Keys Residential Family Assessment – Crown House in Malvern provides high quality residential assessment programmes for families and formal reports for Court Proceedings.

Keys 16 Plus – accommodation and contracted support for young people aged 16+ helping transition to living independently.

Keys Group have been awarded on-going “block” contracts with Shropshire, Calderdale, Highland Council (Scotland) HSE (Dublin), Telford, Vale of Glamorgan, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes, Reading and Bracknell Forest.

Company Website:   www.keyschildcare.co.uk