Type of provision:  Residential and Educational provision for adolescent males who
sexually harm.
Gender:  Male only
Total number of children’s homes & other services:   2
Total number of registered beds:  10
Age range on admission:  12 – 17 years
Specialist service:  Adolescent males with sexually harmful behaviour.
Name and qualifications:  All staff and management are professionally or vocationally qualified.
Registered school:  10 pupil school specialising in full range of academic and vocational qualifications.
Therapeutic provision:  Integrated approach utilising individual, group and environmental therapeutic interventions.
Geographical location:  South East


Kites Children’s Services provides outstanding residential care facilities for boys aged 12-17, whose sexual development difficulties may lead to sexually harmful behaviour.

Our service provides residential care for sexually harmful behaviour and we currently have two residential homes situated in urban areas in Westcliff on Sea, Essex.

Our homes provide a positive and co-operative environment for boys who are not ready to benefit from a foster placement – usually because they have been responsible for several instances
of sexually harmful behaviour and they need high levels of supervision and intervention.

We aim to help our young people develop into caring young adults with the attitudes, skills and outlook to make a positive and continued contribution to society.

We do this by:-
Treating each young person as an individual – and viewing their behaviour in the context of their life experience.
Creating a non-condemning environment – in which openness and honesty are valued.
Introducing young people to activities, hobbies and social situations – while respecting the personal space and surroundings of others.
Maintaining clear boundaries, communication and expectations – providing the stability young people need to develop trust.
Involving young people in plans, ideas and decision-making that affect their daily lives – allowing them to develop independence and leadership.

Company website:   www.kitescs.com