Type of Provision:  Residential Children’s Home
Gender:  Mixed
Total No. of children’s homes & other services: 1
Total No. of registered beds: 1
Size range of homes:  Three bedroomed house to provide accommodation, care and support needs for one child
Age range on admission: 12-18 years

Specialist Services:  Support children with emotional behaviour difficulties and children, who have experienced neglect, trauma and adverse childhood behaviours.


Caladium House is an operating division of MAKKS Services Ltd; it is a residential care home that will provide care and support needs for one child. The home is registered to provide residential care for a looked after child of both genders, aged between 12 years and 17 years old on arrival, offering both medium and long-term placement in Nottingham.

The home will support a child with emotional and behavioural difficulties and also with adverse childhood experiences, for example, neglect, attachment difficulties, adjustment, anxiety or attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder. The home will provide staff members with the relevant training such as the PACE model to ensure that the emotional and mental well-being of a child is understood since it is essential to both the child and co-parents.
The leadership team believe that by incorporating values, we will be able to help the child who presents with challenging behaviours.

The vision of the leadership team will ensure that staff working with the child are trained to provide quality care for the child and will employ various resources that aim to capture the wishes, views and feelings of the child at the home. Values to be incorporated include positive parenting such as respect, empathy, positive play, honesty, trust, safety, acceptance, empowerment, curiosity and advocating on behalf of the child at the home to achieve the desired outcome.